Thursday, May 29, 2008

That makes 4

Kim and I are heading to Austin, TX this afternoon for a long weekend to celebrate our 4th anniversary. It is slightly random, but in late April when I was feeling overwhelmed by school and my grandfather's health issues, I had a feeling that we would need to get away by ourselves once the calendar reached this date. So far we've gone to St. Louis, New York, and Atlantic City on our anniversaries, so this will continue the traveling theme. We also have friends in Austin so it will be a good opportunity to catch up with them. We don't really have plans to see anything in particular but I'll definitely take pictures of whatever we bump into. Check in next week for a recap.

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

In Memoriam

I'd like to post what I shared at my Grandfather's funeral, this past Wednesday. It's been a long, long week for me. Each yesterday seems further and further behind. By writing this eulogy, I think I was able to process some things about myself that I already knew, just hadn't really identified them. Here is my View on my Grandfather's life...

Life was simple in my grandfather's world. You do what needs to be done and that's it. You don't make excuses and you don't look for the easy way out. You finish what you start and look back, only after the work is done. You give yourself.... your time, money, energy-your very best, to those who need it. And your family gets this effort before anyone else.

I learned a lot from him. Most of it was very practical, logical, useful-for everyday life. And most of it was from watching him. He didn't have to say much for me to know what he was thinking. But, sometimes when I messed up, he told me exactly what he was thinking.

He set goals and he worked towards them. When he came across a new type of problem, he studied until he knew how to solve it. He never stopped challenging himself.

He also knew how to play and have fun. Baseball in the backyard. Card games in the kitchen. Bowling, darts, and Nerf miniature golf set up around the basement furniture. We made an annual trip to Canobie Lake Park. We went out to eat at Big Boy's all the time and no waitress was safe from his teasing. He could always break the ice with his charm. It was easy to notice how much he enjoyed spending time with family.

These memories are a small sample of the experiences that I've had during my 28 years with my grandfather. There are so many more that I get to remember anytime I want. The memories he gave me are the greatest gifts of all.

He taught me about life and priorities, and how everyday choices impact what will happen tomorrow. That it is important to recognize the value of each choice. He taught me that it's ok to relax, have fun, be myself, and take a break if that's what I needed. He taught me that I could love my family by working hard and taking care of their needs.

Sometimes it's easier to say I love you, than it is to show it. He chose to show it. I am blessed by his example. His way of living for his family. It was a simple choice that he made everyday. It's who he was, and it's who I want to be. To honor him. Amen.

PS. Now you know why I say...

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Thursday, May 15, 2008


Here's the link to my brother's blog which has more info about my grandfather's recent passing. More to come later.

Saturday, May 3, 2008


I just read this post and wanted to share. This blogger usually keeps things light and funny but this one has some deeper stuff in it. I've heard variations of his idea, like-seasons of the soul-but I think this is a cool way to look at it. Check out his other posts too, he is right on about Stuff Christians Like.

Quickie update: I'm working on my final paper for the spring semester and will be done by Sunday afternoon. Also, tonight is Game Night at my house! Those of you who have attended know what I'm talkin about. It's a great tool for making sure I see friends at least once a month. A good neutralizer for non-stop life that tries to eliminate fellowship, relationship and connection. So, I'll work hard on this paper for now, but at 7 o'clock tonight, it's party time! Go Flyers.... and please Celtics, don't.... just don't.

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