Sunday, June 29, 2008

By Our Love

click for the inspiration for this post. Also see a few of the posts from here, and some other relevant ideas from my Mission posts. I offer these so you have a frame of reference if you haven't been following the string of discussion as it was posted.

Sometimes I like to jot down an idea when it pops in my head and save it for later. Reading the post linked above, jogged my memory about a idea for a post that was in response to some of the "blogversation" (new word, go with it?) with Bear Much Fruit....

"What about a Christian organization that does social work and has gatherings? Just don't call it a church. Combatting cynicism with true Christian life lived out."

I feel like this is a pretty radical thought and I am even a little scared by it. There's a fine line between doing God's work and doing it completely without mentioning Him. I especially hate the political correctness that is sometimes needed to execute such a dance. You might even call it the "spiritual lambada". You put your faith in action. It's clear that you are doing good things for other people and sacrificing your own desires. But you never announce that God is the reason for your work.

I think that's where I lose it. My faith might be big enough to do works and love the unlovely, but it's not big enough to let God take it from there. I want the result and the reward of knowing that the work was worth the effort. I forget that my part is over and done with. As I'm writing this, I'm realizing that these things might stem from my issues with trusting other people (a post for another day). But God's not "other people". Ugh, I am so hardheaded sometimes. Anybody else got understanding God figured out yet?

Anyway, I'd like your thoughts on this issue of showing Christian love, with no strings attached and no expectations, only that you have done your part in someone's journey. Also comment if you have thoughts about my post idea that's italicized up at the beginning of the post. It might be fun to do some "shock and awe" caliber of loving.

Choose Wisely

Monday, June 23, 2008

Catching up

OK, so I didn't post anything when we returned from our Austin trip. I guess I ran into another dry spell, blog-wise. You can visit my facebook for pictures from the trip. My comments give you the general idea of what we did there. We really had a great time. Austin is very cool and if you're ambitious enough, you can hear a wide variety of music in just 1 night. The 2 most interesting spots were Speakeasy and the Elephant Room. Speakeasy has an alley entrance instead of sidewalk entrance. It's designed to be a throwback to the prohibition days. The Elephant Room is in a long skinny basement, and is nationally recognized for bringing in top jazz musicians.

Other highlights included, anniversary dinner @ Carmelo's, lunch @ Hickory Street B&G, appetizer @ BD Riley's, Fireman's #4 beer, Indiana Jones @ the Alamo Drafthouse, great weather, great people, and visiting our friends.

Next item... I changed jobs. 2 hours before we took off for Austin, I got a job offer from DUE Season Charter School to be the Business Manager, and today was my first day there. I spent 2 years in the Willingboro School District and there were a few times that I thought I'd be out of there even sooner. But circumstances kept changing and there was potential for advancement. Once that potential was squashed though, there was very little reason for me to stay. I had some really excellent relationships there and I am grateful for what those people added to my life. I hope that I was able to do the same for them.

Now I'm in Camden. I am really excited to be a part of a positive organization in that city. My friends, The A's, are immersed in Urban Promise. In a way, I sometimes get jealous of people like them who are so selfless and committed to their calling. I have to remember that I have not been called to do the same thing and I just have to be faithful with what I am called to do. God has definitely blessed my career so far. He must have a reason for this new position, so I'll just have to keep walking with Him so I don't miss out on anything. I'll try to keep you updated as things develop.

Next... We've been to Crossbridge Community Church 3 times now. My internal battle over this church is this... it feels comfortable and familiar, but maybe that's because it's so similar to the church I recently left. We have talked to a few people there, and they are super nice and welcoming. We have decided that we will be semi-regular for the time being.

Quick hits...(the end, I promise)... I shot 99 on Friday on my first round of golf for 2008. Fairly satisfied with that. Got a new PC from Dell's Outlet-"Scratch and Dent". There are no scratches or dents. Got a couple of suits so I can dress like an adult at my new job. It does feel like my first real grown-up job. Hopefully I act accordingly. Softball is winding down. My team has 1 game left tomorrow. I'll be playing with another team for a few games after that.

Choose Wisely