Monday, December 7, 2009

Hearty Updates

Over 7 months since the last post if you're keeping track at home. I suppose I'm getting used to doing the Facebook & Twitter updates which are so much easier and quicker to keep up with. Plus, Kim has blogged a few times about our adventures so I sort of let that count for me too. I think I can do better, so I will try. My new job isn't killing me like the last one (more about this some other time) so that should ease the stress and allow a little more time to write posts. This next year should be worth blogging about.

For now, I just wanted to write up an update on the heart issues. It wasn't long after my last post that I experienced palpitations yet again, so it would appear that the second location of atrial tachycardia that they discovered during the EP study is still affecting me. I don't remember exactly when, but around June I went back on medication, Toprol, for a couple months. When soccer season arrived and I starting running around more, I realized that the medicine made me uncomfortable because it limited my heart rate (go figure, that's what it's supposed to do). It's hard to explain in words but it was just difficult to rest and recover once I got everything heated up.

I went back to the doctor and he switched me to Atenolol and cut it to a small dose of 12 mg. This was perfect for my exercise needs but it was not strong enough to block the palpitations. Actually, I was ok with that. I'd rather have the palpitations than feel so restricted by the medication, I could just feel the un-naturalness of it all. But, the doctor didn't like it, so we switched again to a low dose of Verapamil.

This one was fine for exercise but still did not block the palpitations. However, there are higher doses that I may try next month. Currently, I'm taking 120 mg of Verapamil and 25 mg of Atenolol, per his orders, but I will run out of Verapamil in about a week (I'm in insurance limbo during December). I'm sure the Atenolol will hold me over just fine until I visit the doc again and we figure out what to do next. I really did not want to be on a daily drug for the rest of my life, but it doesn't seem like I have another option right now. December will be light on exercise anyway, so I won't have to fight with my limited heart rate too much. More on this topic in the New Year.

Choose Wisely


Juany said...

I wrote to my natural health doctor and he responded that "cambiando la alimentacion, eliminando el gluten y los lacteos, la taquicardia desaparece" !!! I think that it's worth a try !!

Lizbeth said...

Hey Chris if you need Verapamil to hold you over let me know- we can do a 30 day supply for $4. I work again on Wednesday.