Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Round 1-part 1

Monday was a long, long, long day. Kim and I arrived at Cooper just before 10am. First up was the tilt table test. They strapped me to a bed and hooked me up to a heart monitor and a blood pressure thingy. They tilt the bed up to about 80 degrees but it still feels like you're standing up straight. 45 minutes just standing there chatting with the nurse while he records my blood pressure every minute. Next, they put me flat and start pushing adrenaline through the IV. My normal rest rate was in the 60's so they needed it to be above 90 before they could stand me up again, this time for 15 minutes of bp readings. The adrenaline definitely felt funny since I wasn't running around or exercising to build up the rate on my own. But it wasn't too bad, only got up to about 125 bpm, mostly between 100-115. 15 minutes was enough of that though. Thus ended the tilt table test, they laid me back down to relax for a few minutes before I dismounted and headed carefully for a chair (little bit dizzy). This puts us around 12:30

They didn't really learn much from the tilt table, lots of people can pass out from it but I've never had symptoms that lead to passing out or even feeling dizzy. I just have a palpitation and some heart racing issues that aren't normal but aren't too severe either. Anyway, we started chatting with the Doctors about what to do next. Eventually we decided to go ahead with the EP Study and the Ablation procedure if they found something worthwhile. That's what we planned on doing and it didn't seem right to get to that point and just walk away without learning anything new. Now we're up to 2:30pm.

waiting around... waiting around...

4:45 the Fellow for the EP study lab comes in to chat a bit and get more info.
5:00 the nurses arrive and take me away to the lab.

more later...

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